Zan Balolia

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Lord Master. Zan Balolia
All Nicknames
  • Toronto
Town of birth
  • Toronto
Country of birth
  • Canada
Date of Birth
  • 1998/10/25
Place of longest stay
  • Toronto
Where-City or Country
  • Toronto

Born in 1998 Toronto

Initially a freelancer and smuggler at the call of a criminal empire, he would later discover he was force-sensitive and be admitted to the Jedi Academy on Tython under the patient tutelage of Pendi, which he would then fall to more dire ideals on his own accord.

Zan had worked as a freelancer in both republic and imperial space. His father was an Imperial agent, and just perhaps his adept skill of intrigue passed down to his son, despite his not following in his footsteps.

His humble beginnings after his rather rebellious defection from his household were mainly illegal bets, underground fights and of course smuggling- though a lot of it was on a rather small scale and thus, small-time. Especially on Dromund Kaas, crime was quite troublesome to find.

He so craved for a larger piece of the action, and as he slowly became more mature and understood the world around his more and more, he learned to actually save his credits and buy himself a flight off of the seat of the empire to the armpit of the known galaxy: Nar Shaddaa. he often used his keen people skills and observations to find and mete out connections in the thick of slums and ghettos alike, most particularly on the slummy city-moon of Nar Shaddaa.

Zan is known to have incredible influence over others, almost as if he had sort of a charm to his personality - despite it being unorthodox and even brash. After encountering another Chiss working as a bartender in Nar Shaddaa, it only took about a minute of conversation for him to offer a job to this aspiring crime king, eventually assimilating his into Rodian gangster Reelo Baruk's criminal empire under the guise of a waste disposal organization.

Often brought along dodgy cargo missions and negotiations, Zan was the favoured choice of Baruk when it came to convincing the weak-minded to have it his way, or to crush the competition of those who would resist. He acquired many, many aliases over the years and almost constantly would change his voice tone and pitch when on deals, even from his many comrades in the crime syndicate he was a part of.

Despite being part of a criminal conglomerate, he still considered himself a freelancer and would take any jobs available to him. The fact that he was so easily able to persuade others into doing as he pleased never once made him bat an eye. He believed he was just naturally gifted in the ways of speech craft.

Though he was not entirely wrong, his natural gift came from his connection to the force, a rare outlier for someone of his kind, which had been discovered by a Jedi who could sense his presence on Coruscant via a cargo delivery mission he had taken for extra scratch.

Though he doubted his ability to be force sensitive, there was little thought involved in accepting the strange Jedi's offer. If he could learn the ways of a Jedi, he thought, perhaps he could use it to further his advancement in Baruk's criminal empire. However, all of that was left behind once he was brought to Tython, and met his master, Pendi. After Zan revealed more and more of himself to his new master, Pendi would suggest that his people skills and charm were indeed not through his skills alone, but through the power of the force inadvertently.

It made Zan ponder the infinite possibilities that were brought with force sensitivity. His ultimate goal would be to harness these abilities and plan to not just advance in Baruk's syndicate, but to control it and even form one of his own.

The young lad was very eager to learn, despite having totally abandoned both his Csilla and Imperial culture in favor of the teachings of the Jedi, at this point having officially dropped the occupational title in his name. Zan had respect his master, even humbled by the fact that Pendi would often lavish him in praise and surprise in the fact that someone of his kind is so rare, especially someone as strong in the force as his.

However, being as eager as he was hungry, Pendi would almost immediately turn to the Code of the Jedi in order to instruct her prized pupil, of which made absolutely no sense to Zan. he did not understand why the Jedi must take things so slow, or why there must be patience in absence of vengeance, or meditation in absence of action. Typically being on a shoot first, ask questions later basis, the entire concept of the Jedi Code was lost and misunderstood by Zan, and would often debate his master. Regardless, he tried to understand it; despite his numerous repetitions out loud, in his mind and in practice in painfully patient combat, he still could not yet grasp the ideas of a true Jedi. To Zan, the code was frail and weak. Heavily flawed in nearly every way possible.

As a result, Pendi soon realized that in order to truly teach her pupil, she must tap into the teachings of his own master: Alvus Karinnan, and instruct Zan on less orthodox terms. Although more to Zan's speed, it had little effect to his philosophy as a Jedi. The teachings of a Gray Jedi would fester in his, dismissing the code entirely in favor of the philosophy of personal gain, and passion. Despite this, Zan saw the effort in his master and would forgive her for this failure in properly teaching Zan how to utilize the force.

Further investigation of the force on his own accord would bring him to see a much more amiable philosophy in regards to his interests: The Sith Code. Though he was no imperial lapdog, the teachings orchestrated by the dark council would greatly interest his, and would often keep such teachings locked in his mind during his training with Pendi.

While trying to meditate in the academy's courtyard one morning, he was visited by another Knight: Jeker-tai. Jeker-tai had been keenly watching the Chiss's progress in the academy, and he began to lecture him on the teachings of the Jedi. Having little patience to begin with, Zan would attempt to contain himself by firmly stating to the Knight that the code is indeed flawed, and no good can come out of pressing it into students who cannot put their faith in such a philosophy.

Unrelenting however, Jeker-tai saw the cold attitude portrayed by the padawan, and had previously told the Jedi council of his failures and need for readjustment if he ever had hoped to be a Jedi one day. Before he could be summoned by the council, the Jedi Knight was found gravely injured in the courtyard, and his lightsaber stolen.

Zan had quite enough of the Jedi ideals, and would eventually find his way back to Imperial space effectively fleeing before any of the other Jedi could properly council him. At this point, he was irredeemable - and he knew it. No more would he have to deal with the folly teachings of the light side of the Force, instead he would go on to control it himself by feeding into the passions as outlined by The Sith Code.

Zan had fallen hard to the dark philosophy of the force, and his ability to wield it most clearly validates this fact. Furthermore, over the years of being something of a rogue Jedi, the corruption of the dark side had shown very clearly in his face, veins and scarred issue littering his once soft, blue skin. Eventually, he would keep to himself living among Imperial space, even taking to joining the Empire's forces in order to continue feeding on his own appetite for destruction (despite not openly supporting Imperial ideals).

Rarely do thoughts cross his mind of his old master, save for small moments when she is able to sense his sorrow. Zan would go on to devastate Republic forces and Jedi alike, acquiring a large body count while taking but only a few acolytes under his personal tutelage. Above all, Zan is a weapon, one that is a threat even to himself at times. And, when left unchecked, he can be relentless.

Zan is thought to have sustained himself with the force for as long as 700BBY, having disappeared sometime around 930BBY. It is unknown if even one of his acolytes, if any have survived this long. Zan fled into deep space somewhere around this time, having disgraced not only the Jedi order and the Empire, but also himself. Countless murders took place by his hand, Imperial and Republic agents alike, and had been marked as a deadly criminal by the Republic and a traitor by the Empire.