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"Tabora was founded in the 1820s as a trading company of two Indian (Khoja ed.) merchants, Musa Mzuri and his older brother". Per Wikipedia citing Richard F. Burton, The Lake Regions of Central Africa, 2nd vol., Vol. I, p. 326, Vol. II; Pp. 223-226

Musa Mzuri is also mentioned by Capt. James Grant in 1864 of having “an establishment of 300 native men and women round him. His abode had, three years ago, taken two months to build and it was surrounded by a circular wall which enclosed his houses, fruit and vegetable trees and a stock of cattle”. Grant, James Augustus. A walk across Africa: or, domestic scenes from my Nile journal. Whitefish, MT.: Kessinger, 2007.

It was also Musa, who told the explorer Jack Speke about the great river flowing north out of Lake Nyanza. Jeal, Tim. Explorers of the Nile: the triumph and tragedy of a great Victorian adventure. London: Faber, 2012. 102-103