Sadrudin Ali Nanji

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Mukhi Sadrudin Ali Nanji
All Nicknames
  • Babu,
Town of birth
  • Pangani
Country of birth
  • Tanzania
Date of Birth
  • 1919
Place of longest stay
  • Tanga
Where-City or Country
  • Tanga

Born in 1919 Pangani

by Jamalu Nanji, October, 2012, Abbotsford, BC

My paternal grandparents, Aly and Jenabai Nanji, originally from India, lived in Pangani, about 50 kilometres south of Tanga

They ran a retail shop of kapad

They went on to be chalu mukhi/mukhiani of Pangani for life

My father, known to everyone as “Sadru Mukhi”, was born in 1918 in Pangani

He was the younger of only two children

His elder sibling, Fatma, married into the Sajoo family, of Tanga

Ten years younger than his sister, he was called Babu

He grew up in Pangani but later his father sent him to sister Fatma in Tanga for his schooling

His first job, while still a student, was with Ismail Jetha & Company in Tanga

His first hodo was mukhi of students' majlis

He paid for juro for his majlis from his own salary

Later on, he worked for Motor Mart & Exchange Limited in auto parts

With the experience in auto parts, he opened a successful business, Automobile Stores

More hodas followed, including chalu mukhi for most of the 1950s

Every New Year's Day grandfather would phone from Pangani asking what hodo dad got

He married Dolatkhanu Habib Kassam Dewji also of Tanga

We are four siblings: Amir, myself, Shokat, Khatun

We Nanji and Sajoo cousins spent many holidays together in Pangani

Mum & dad both passed away in B.C., Canada but all of us siblings are still here in B.C.