Rehmat Rawji Walji

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Rehmat Rawji Walji
Country of birth
  • India
Place of longest stay
  • Arusha
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Dukawalla & Housewife
Where-City or Country
  • Tanzania
Somji Chaggan 19101953

Born in

When her husband passed away very early in life, Rehmat Bai was left holding the responsibility of looking after the family. During that time, child Gulshan developed cancer and was journeyed to India at Tata Hospital for a cure but alas there was no cure and to this day there is no cure. Of course, Gulshan passed away at the age of 16 at the widow flats that Rehmat used to live with the rest of the children in a two-bedroom flat.

Because Rehmat could not handle the burden of bringing up so many children alone, she got a helping hand from the community to allow the two girls Almas and Farida to be sent to a boarding house in Dar-es-Salaam for further schooling. This boarding house was owned by Saker Shariff who was an icon at that time of 1960 -the only sole woman who ran a boarding house for underfunded children or children who happened to come from the nearby villages or cities.

Then after 1965 when the two daughters came back from the boarding house in Dar-es-Salaam, the family traveled to Arusha with Khatun and her husband, Amir Jamal Gova to Arusha for re-settlement and there now Rehmat became a dukawala -a small shop selling gor-jaggery near the Arusha market. Of course, she rented a 3 bedroom flat at the ABCD flats near Arusha Jamatkhana.

The children were admitted to Arusha school for the rest of the finishing time.