Rehmat Bai Ratansi

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Rehmat Bai Ratansi

Born in

Full name Puri Bai Lalji Nayani
Full name Ratansi Alwani
Full name Nasser Pardhan
Full name Abdullah Ratansi
Full name Nurmohamed Ratansi
Full name Abdul Husein Nasser Pardhan
File:Rehematbai Nassar Pardhan.pdf

Rehematbai Ratansi married Nasser Pardhan in Zanzibar. She had a son by the name of Hussein Nasser Pardhan born on January-01-1901 in Zanzibar.

She was widowed in Zanzibar.

Later she traveled to mainland Dar-es-salaam and then into the interior where she lived with her son Hussein who had a business in, Mahenge, and Kilosa.

She was last known to have a small shop in Dodoma which she ran by herself and lived alone.

Compiled by Nizarali Alidina Ratansi

Toronto 2017