Ramji Ladha Mullani

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Ramji Ladha Mullani
Town of birth
  • Putiyana, Porbandar State
Country of birth
  • India
Place of Death
  • Porbandar
Name of Cemetery and plot no
  • Khoja Ismaili Kabarastan,Porbandar
Place of longest stay
  • Porbandar
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Tenant Farmer
Where-City or Country
  • Porbandar

Born in Putiyana, Porbandar State

Full name Ladha Bawa Mullani
Full name Hasham Ramji Mullani
Full name Kassam Ramji Mullani
Full name Kara Ramji
Full name Ismail Ramji Mullani
Full name Mohamed Ramji Mullani

Rawji Bahi was a milk farmer in Bokila, with four bullocks that he used to bring milk to the town.

For his good reputation, the Maharajah rewarded him with a tenant farmer arrangement on 40 acres of land to tll. The maharajah received 1/4 of all produce and the Rawjibhai could keep the rest.

He died in Bokila but his body was brought to Porbandar for burial, like all the Khojas at the time.