Rahim Jivraj

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Mr. Rahim Jivraj
Town of birth
Country of birth
Place of Death
Country of death
Contact Address
  • Old Address: P.O. Box 15
  • Nairobi
Source of Information
  • Source:The Official Gazette of the Colony & Protectorate of Kenya (Special Issue) Vol XL No 60 (November 13th 1938) Indian & Arab Voters Roll
Place of longest stay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Merchant
Where-City or Country

Born in Babra

Rahim Bhai came to Africa in 1913 from Babra, India, with his brother Karim, first to Mozambique, then moved to Kisumu, Kenya, finally settling in Nairobi.

"Then there were others like Rahim Jivraj, who built the present-day Parklands Jamat Khana in Nairobi."