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After the German's conquered Tanganyika territory from the Sultanate of Zanzibar,they tried to shift the inland trade away from the old Arab towns of Pangani & Bagamoyo to their new capital Dar es Salaam. But when the Indian traders did not cooperate, the Germans devised alternative strategies.

DOAG’s plan was to shift the centralizing trade entrepôt from Zanzibar to three ports along the coast: Tanga would become the entrepôt of the northern caravan route; Lindi would take the southern route; and Dar es Salaam would capture the lucrative central routes. Trade in each region, therefore, would be redirected from Zanzibar to one of the three main ports. Closely linked to the plan of establishing new harbors on the mainland was the plan to divert the trade from the older ports of Kilwa, Bagamoyo, and Pangani; ports that the Germans knew were far more important in terms of trade than the harbors they proposed to develop. [1]

References & Notes

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Jaffer Khaki

Kassam Dossa

Kassum Dhalla

Ali Parpia

Jessa Lakha

Jaffer Abdallah

Mohamed NASSER

Hashim Nasser

Karim Moledina

Haji Khakoo

Omar Ladha

Manji Rajpar

Mohamed NANJI

Pira Meghji

Manji Dhirani

Mohamed Alarakhia Dossani

Ibrahim Merali

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Kassam NANJI

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Gulbanu Mohamed Jamal

Ismail Mohamed Varas Saleh

Sadrudin Ali Nanji

Jamal Bhanji Jiwa

Mohamedraza Fazel Meghji

Musa Bhanji

Fatma Sajoo

Popat Nensi

Nizar Jafferali Rajabali

Ismail Jaffer Somji

Esmail Kassam Suleman

Muradali Popat Nensi

Bhanji Jiwa

Nurmohamed Jeraj Shariff

Habib Kassamali Jaffer

Jeraj Shariff

Sachedina Sajan Somji

Sikina Sadrudin Harji Kanji

Mohamedrafiq Bhimani

Photo Gallery of Pangani During German Colonial Rule 1890-1917