Nurmohamed Jiva Juma Dhanani

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Huzur Mukhi Nurmohamed Jiva Juma Dhanani
Nurmohamed Jiva Juma Dhanani - Father of Jenabai, Badrudin, Madatali, Sherbanu.jpg
Town of birth
  • Zadiawada
Country of birth
  • British India
Place of longest stay
  • Zadiawada
Where-City or Country
  • British India

Born in Zadiawada

Nurmohamed JJ Dhanani was a renowned religious scholar with a strong voice that was suited for ginans (sacred indic poetry). He was remembered for his rendition of a non-stop medley of sixteen ginans in the presence of Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan during one of his religious mulaqats. The tradition of singing ginan carried forward through his children Badru & Madat, his grandson Aziz, as well as his great-grandson Aly.