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Noorubai Jamal

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The quote below is taken from the book "THIS IS MY LIFE - Gujarat, East Africa, Canada - A FAMILY BIOGRAPHY ", a personal biography by Naznin Hebert which is also a lively, poignant life history of both sides of Naznin's large family.

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Noorubai (Papa’s eldest sister) lived with her husband Malekbhai, their three sons, Sadru, Nizar, Abduli, and their daughter Yasmin in Dar-es-Salaam. When papa moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1983, Noorubai and Malekbhai lived in a flat in downtown Vancouver on Davie Street. Papa and Roshan visited them often and liked the location of their flat and so they rented one in the same building.

It was the first time since their early days that the two of them, brother, and sister, lived in the same building. They were a great support for each other. They helped each other out in many ways. Whenever Roshan cooked something special, she would take it up to Noorubai and Malekbhai, and they did the same.

When Malekbhai suddenly passed away at the age of 88, while visiting their son in London, Noorubai was unable to live alone in her flat on Davie Street. Her family planned for her to move to Haro Park Residence for seniors, which was close by.

Roshan visited her every day. They would say Dua (prayers) together if Noorubai had not gone to JK. Saying Dua was very important for Noorubai.

In fact, Roshan was the last person Noorubai saw before she died in her sleep. It was evening time, and Noorubai wanted to go to JK. Roshan told her that it was too late, but that they would go the next day. They said the Dua together. Roshan tucked her in bed and said goodnight. Just as she arrived back to her flat, the telephone rang. It was from Haro Park telling them that Noorubai had passed away peacefully in her sleep.