Nanji Walji

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Nanji Walji
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  • 1910
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Born in Porbandar

Bhagat Walji Velji was one of the most dedicated persons in Mekhandi, Porebandar, having four sons, Nanji, Premji, Jivraj, and Ali.

The elder son, Nanji owned a small fertile land at the end of the village.

Jivraj, the younger brother of Nanji lived in Porebandar. He suggested his elder brother to export onion and garlic in Bombay and Karachi in order to maximize the profits.

Accordingly, Nanji consolidated funds arising from his fertile land and obtained a loan from local merchants. He purchased a large quantity of onion and garlic and shipped it to Karachi for sale. Unfortunately, the ship had an accident due to fierce sea storms, ruining his entire enterprise. Out of frustration, he sold out his garden to pay his debt.

Soon afterwards, he came to live in Madhupur with his family in 1897 and started a small shop of grams to ensure his livelihood. Time is a great healer and with the passage of years, he worked and made progress.

He then proceeded back to Porebandar with his family.