Mussa Alibhai

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Mussa Alibhai
Alibhai Thawer 18771920

Born in


Mohamedali's younger brother Mussa stayed behind in India and only came to Africa after his mother passed away in Lalparin 1928. He traveled to Dar-es-Salaam with one Sunderji on Mohamedali's instructions and from there he went to join his cousin Fazal Pirbhai in Albertville.

Only 14 years old, he was probably taught occasionally by visiting teachers at home. Otherwise he helped in the shop. He married Karmali Pirbhai's daughter, Fatma with whom he had 2 boys, Masum and Yusuf. During the late 30's it appears that Mussa was very successful in Albertville and became well-known as the 'King of Albertville'. But later, cheated by his fellow workers, he lost most of his money and then worked with the Hajis as their manager in Kindu and Stanleyville.

When his first wife died at a very early age, Mussa married Sherbanoo, the daughter of Popat Rawji in Dar-es-Salaam. He brought her back to Albertville. Their three children, Mehboob, Kaniz and Aun were all born in Dar; and after the birth of the youngest, Sherbanoo moved to live in Dar-es- Salaam with all the children while Mussa traveled back and forth from the Congo till 1960. After Independence, he went to Stanleyville to work for Ebrahim Haji Freres. Then in 1964 he set up his own shop, but when this did not succeed he re-joined the Hajis.

In 1967/68 he re-opened their branch in Kindu. He passed away in 1969