Muradali Popat Nensi

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Muradali Popat Nensi
Town of birth
  • Tanga
Date of Birth
  • 1928
Place of Death
  • Toronto
Place of longest stay
  • Tanga
Where-City or Country
  • Tanga

Born in 1928 Tanga

by Salim Nensi, Toronto, ON, December 28, 2011

Murad & Gulshan Popat Nensi lived in House #40, Aga Khan Flats from the mid-1960s

Murad’s grandfather Popatbhai Nensi came to Tanga from Gondal/Rajkot, Gujarat, India in the early 1900s and passed away in Tanga in 1936. His wife, Sakinabai passed away in 1945.

Popatbhai's children: Kulsum, Ramzanali, Sherbanu, Hassanali, Mohamedali, Muradali (my Dad), Roshan.

In the 1940s, Ramzanali was an auctioneer with Mr. Rose and his friends in Tanga

Muradali was born in Tanga in 1928.

Popat Nensi used to buy land/farms/properties from Arabs and his sons donated a piece of land in Street #4 for building a Muslim Mosque (Msikiti)

In the late sixties, many of their properties (including Saadani, Pangani and Central Tanga) got nationalized.

Muradali worked at Merali Jiwa Printing Press and went to Nairobi Kenya for Heidelberg Print Product Courses in 1970 & 1973

Murad & Nurdin Merali Jiwa raised funds and built the boundary wall of Tanga Ismaili Cemetery. They sold extra bricks to complete the project. They Also renovated other features of the Cemetery grounds.

The 1950s: Member for Ismailia Association & Aga Khan Scouts (Green Uniform) & Ismaili Volunteer Corps.

1985: Ismailia Cemetery/Burial Committee Treasurer

1992: Ismailia Volunteer Corps. Captain

He still serves in IVC uniform, while inspiring others his family & community members.

In 1962 Muradali married Gulshankhanu Ahmedaly Karmali (Gully), who was born in 1936

Gully’s mother Rehmat was Premji Babul’s daughter. Rehmat’s sister Shirin was married to Janmohamed Bhanji

Rehmat passed away in 1942 and grandmother Liribai Ali Walji used to take care of all Rehmat’s daughters, including their kids too.

Liribai was an herbal medicine expert (Desi-Dawa) and cured a lot of people. She died at the age of 105 in Tanga in 1969. Her husband was famously known as Alibhai Madanga (from Madanga area in Pangani)

Gulshan worked since her young age at Auto Spare parts stores in Tanga (Automobile Store, N.C. Alladina, etc) and had the knowledge of analyzing auto deficiencies to describe what car/truck part would help fix the issue.

1978: Ismaili Volunteer Corps. (IVC) Lieutenant

1980 & 1985: IVC Captain

1991: Gusal Committee Chair

1988: Women’s Association Chair

1985: Ismailia Association Chair

1992: Ismailia Tariqa & Religious Education Board (ITREB) Convener & Tanga Council Member

Murad & Gulshan have 3 sons: Zulfiqar, Azim & Salim. Moved to Toronto, Canada in 1994 to unite with the families.