Mohamedali Remtulla Mulji

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Mohamedali Remtulla Mulji
Place of longest stay
  • Homa Bay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Dukawalla
Where-City or Country
  • Kenya

Born in

MoahmedBhai's business was called "Merali Mohamed and Sons". He was the first Indian dukawalla in Homa Bay.

He also kept 4 cows for fresh milk, goats, sheep and donkeys for transportation, when he went into the countryside to buy produce such as peanuts, lentils etc.

He was a simple and superstitious man. She tells that if a customer came to the store at 7 pm, he would say that Satan had come to delay his evening prayers and therefore he would deprive himself of supper that evening as a punishment for serving the customer.