Kurbanali Rashid Adat Dewji

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Huzur Mukhi Kurbanali Rashid Adat Dewji
Town of birth
  • Bombay
Country of birth
  • British India
Date of Birth
  • 1921/11/03
Date of Death
  • 2010/01/29
Place of Death
  • Kent
Place of longest stay
  • Dar es Salaam, Mombasa
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Business- Musician
Where-City or Country
  • Tanzania, Kenya

Born in 1921 Bombay

Full name Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Mariamkhanu Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Nurbanu Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Abdulhusein Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Gulbanu Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Nurmamed Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name ZeraKhanu Lutufali Nazarali
Full name Shah Sultan Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Azizali Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Amirali Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Sherali (Akoo) Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Hamida Rashid Adat Dewji
Full name Zerakhanu Rahemtulla Gulamani
Full name Shahida Sakaria
Full name Sofia (click to create)
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Kurban, my father, was educated at the St Joseph’s Convent School, Mumbai until he was 13 years of age when his family moved to Dar es Salaam. To maintain continuity, his father decided to send him to the St. Joseph’s School in Dares salaam. .......

His father started a piece goods business and was importing matches, oil and ghee from India as well a few items from Europe........

But Kurban's education was short lived. Within a few years, his father died suddenly of a heart attack after hearing about the death of one of his sons in Bombay and Kurban bhai had to quit school to work in the family business. But the business did not last long after his father’s death and Kurban bhai started his own business. .......

He continued to do business for several decades but his first love was music. As a singer, he was self-taught and he also learnt Urdu so he could sing and compose shairi (poetry) for which he was famous in Dares salaam,........   During the 60’s Kurban Bhai became well-known across East Africa as the leader of KURBAN & PARTY, a musical group based out of Dar es Salaam that went on many singing tours. This group went down in history as the first to sing ginans (devotional poetry) to full orchestration........... TO BE COMPLETED