Khalfan Nathoo Aloo

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Khalfan Nathoo Aloo
Town of birth
Country of birth
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Jamatbhai - Kharadhar Jamatkhana
  • Karachi
Where-City or Country

Born in Mulla Katiar

Khalfan Nathoo traced his descent from a certain Haji, and whose son, Vali was a small merchant in Lahari Bandar, Sind.

When the port of Lahari Bandar dried up, Vali came in Jerruk, where he lived with his son Saleh.

The son of Saleh was Aloo, whose business expanded as far as Bhuj, Kutch.

Natho, the son of Aloo lived for some time in Bhuj, Kutch and then settled down in Mulla Katiar, Sind.

Natho's son was Khalfan, who migrated towards Karachi with his wife, called Lakhanni. Khalfan was the care-taker (jamatbhai) in the Kharadhar Jamatkhana.