Kassam Alladina Patney

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Kassam Alladina Patney
Place of longest stay
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  • Business
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Born in

by Latif M. C. Alladina, Toronto, ON, December 12, 2011

Cassam Alladina was a merchant involved in the business of foods, clothes and auto parts. He was married to Manbai Damji. Cassam and Manbai arrived in Tanga soon after they were married in Gujarat. All their children were born in Tanga, namely:

Kulsum who married Hassanali Velji and lived in Dar es Salaam

Fateli who married Nurbanu Jadavji

Murad who married Sherbano Vellani (Shillo)

Amir (deceased at a young age)

Maryam who married Mohamedali Jivraj and lived in Dar es Salaam

Sherbanu who married Sultan Nanji and moved to Dar es Salaam in 1965

Nurali who married Zainab Vellani (Jenny)

Anver (a.k.a. Charlie) married Shirin Toti and moved to Dar es Salaam in 1962

Murad Alladina & Sherbanu Vellani's family:

Murad operated Auto Parts shops with his younger brother and partner Nurali. The business operated under the name of N. C. Alladina & Co. in Tanga, and under the name of Alladina Auto Spares in Dar es Salaam.

Murad and Sherbano had nine children, most of whom have settled in and around Toronto:

Naushad - Joined his father's business in Tanga and continued in the auto parts business in Toronto. Married Sugra Pirani (deceased) and had two children Fayaz and Latifa. Currently married to Shamim Pirani and retired.

Shaukat (a.k.a. Shokey) - Joined his father's business at a very young age and continued to work in the auto parts sector in Toronto and Vancouver. Married Rozmin Ahmed. They have two children Aysha and Zian.

Shamshad (Shamim) - Currently married to Denis Waters. Lives and works in Devon, England.

Latif - Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in England. Currently operating a Tax and Investment Advisory Firm in Toronto under the name L. A. Financial Services. Married Fatma Damji. They have two children Safia and Seema.

Imtiaz (a.k.a. Immy) - Joined his father's auto parts business in Tanga. Currently a parts manager at an auto dealership. Married to Rashida Hirji. They have two children Mehjabeen and Alisha.

Nazmin - Currently working for the law.

Saleem - Joined his father's auto parts business in Tanga. Currently a service manager at an auto dealership. Married Shenaz Chandani. They have two children Farrah and Nadia.

Rozmin - Married Nazeem Ramjee of Nairobi. Lives in Seattle and operates a few Subway restaurants with her husband. They have two children Feisal and Farhana.

Aminmohammed (a.k.a. Minjoo) - Also joined father's business. Currently employed in the auto parts sector. Married Rozmin Kanji. They have two children Aliya and Rishad.