Ismail Dhanani

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Ismail Dhanani
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Born in Zariawada, Kathiawar


He originally lived in the Kutch (Kachh) region of Gujarat, due to earthquakes and famine, He migrated to West Kathiyawads old small port named Madhavpur by ship with his extended Family in 18th Century and began to settle nearby Villages such as Zadiawada, Bamanwada, Shil, Loej, Karaj, Mekhdi etc.

Zadiawada, Majority being Turk Muslim communities welcomed them, Zariawada, thus became The headquarters of the Dhanani Parivaar. At present in the 21st Century, Juma Baagh, Ismail Vaav, Dhanu Kedo – (Exit Path joining 2 Roads) are well known to the communities of Zadiawada

Dhanu was the wife of Dhanabapa,Our great-great grandmother.

TWO SONS : 1.ISMAIL 2. SALEH SALEH (Madhavpur Branch-Please Check This Branch of 2nd Son of Dhanabapa Origin (Root)…Will be Explored..1. ISMAIL (Zariawada Branch) Families: 2. SALEH- (Madhavpur Branch) settled around Porbandar State. Zariawada with Extended Family –

Even at present, There is Ismail Vav ( Water well) with farm is situated on Riverside (the Netravati River) of Zariawada.

Researched by Madatali Nurmohamed Jiva Juma Dhanani of Edmonton Canada.