Ibrahim Nathoo

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Count Ibrahim Nathoo
Ibrahim Nathoo.png
Honorary Titles
  • Alijah, Rai, Wazir
Town of birth
  • Nairobi
Country of birth
  • Kenya
Date of Birth
  • 1905/03/13
Date of Death
  • 1962/11/29
Place of Death
  • Karachi

Born in 1905 Nairobi

Full name Nurbanu Ismail Nathoo
Full name Ismail Nathoo
Full name Hassam Ismail Nathoo
Full name Nurbanu Nathoo
Full name Ali Ibrahim Nathoo
Full name Naseem Nathoo
Full name Semira Nathoo

Ibrahim Nathoo was born in Nairobi on March 13, 1905.

He was educated at Government Indian School, Nairobi, then in Esplanade High School, Bombay; St. Xavier's College, Bombay; Trinity Hall, Cambridge; and Owen's College, Victoria University, Manchester.

He was the Director of Imperial Hotel in Uganda and Lombard Banking Ltd. in Dar-es-Salaam.

He was a prominent Freemason, holding Grand Lodge honours and District Grand Lodge Honour.

Ibrahim Nathoo did considerable work in civil defence during the second world war (1939-1945) and he was a member of the Indian Manpower Committee.

He had been chosen by the government of Kenya to represent at the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.

Later, he was a member of the Advisory Committee on Asian Education, Kenya (1932-1953), the member of the Kenya Legislative Council (1944-1961), and the Minister for Public Works in the Kenya Government (1954-1961).

He also attended the Kenya Constitutional Conference in London in February, 1960.