Ibrahim Meru

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Vazir Ibrahim Meru
Town of birth
  • Gwadar
Country of birth
  • Pakistan
Date of Birth
  • 1901/11/04
Date of Death
  • 1982/03/24
Place of Death
  • Colombo
Place of longest stay
  • Gwadar
Where-City or Country
  • Colombo

Born in 1901 Gwadar

Full name Kaisar Bai Remu
Full name Datoo Meru
Full name Samshuddin Meru
Full name Badrudin Meru
Full name Nuruddin Meru

Ibrahim Datoo Meru was born on November 4, 1901 in Gwadar, where he took his formal education. He resided in Karachi for three years to learn English in St. Patrick School.

He mostly served as a member of Panjibhai Club in Gwadar since 1920, which became the Volunteer Corps, of which he was the Captain.

Soon after the retirement of his father, he was appointed the President of the Gwadar Council (1937- 1946).

In 1946, he migrated towards Colombo, where he was appointed as a Kamadia in 1950 with Wazir Mukhi Saboor Chatoor.

He donated a princely amount in building the new Jamatkhana in Colombo.

Varas Ibrahim Datoo was honored with the title of Wazir and died on March 24, 1982 in Colombo.