Hassanali Remtulla Dedhar

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Count Hassanali Remtulla Dedhar
Town of birth
  • Eldoret
Place of Death
  • Eldoret
Place of longest stay
  • Eldoret
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Merchant
Where-City or Country
  • Eldoret

Born in Eldoret

File:Count Hassan Ali Dedhar my father Vazir Ramzan Jamal Zeenat Jamal Janmohamed My mother Varasiani Khatija Jamal Countess Hassanali Dedhar Visit to Eldoret.png
Count Hassan Ali Dedhar, Vazier Ramzan Jamal, Zeenat Jamal Janmohamed, Varasiani Khatija Jamal, Countess Hassanali Dedhar