Good protocols to follow for entering family information.

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1. Entering duplicate names with different spellings will mean that the 25,000+ Khojawiki Database will not be able to identify linkages between families, such as common ancestors etc.(which is a fun part of this exercise). Only if you don't find the person in our database, then only create a the page for that person.

2. On the General page, please use the drop down selections as that will ensure better searches eg when you search for families from the same town or city in Kutch or East Africa, you will get accurate results.

3. "Relatives" page - You MUST choose one of the drop-down relationship provided -this maintains database integrity. Otherwise, the relative will not appear on the Family Tree. Add as many relatives as you want.

4. "Photos and Documents" page: You can add other family photos or any other interesting document such as appointments letters etc. that you wish to share from your computer or after scanning them.

5. Passport Images (i.e face photos on the right side of the page) are best seen on computers on the XXX.png format, followed by XX.jpeg format - either will upload. Size does not matter as the system will automatically re-size and fit it on the page. It will appear nicely on the front page of that person's page. Choose a picture that people remember.

6. You can also upload all other images through "Photos and Documents", and they will be found neatly under the "tombstone" data on the right of the page.

7. Wiki also has its own image up-loading tool found in the menu on the top of the "Narrative" page. This tool will place the images in the main body of the page and in a customable size, together with captions.

8. "Narrative" page - This is where you begin to put together a history of the person. It can be brief or extended as there is no limit to the space available to you.

9. If you do not wish to allow the public to add information on this page, you can click "protect" in the menu at the top of the page and then choose the level of protection. Suggestion: Protect pages of living persons, leave open for those who have passed on, so that other family & friends can share their memories of that person. You can click "Watch this page" to monitor.

10. Don't forget to SAVE the page when you have finished. It will bring you to the page you have created.

11. You MUST create pages for the person's relatives by clicking the names and then adding their details.

12. You can view the family tree for any person to check if the "connections" have been made.


1. Wiki rules do not allow a deletion. But you can "move" your page to another with the correct name.

2. You will find the button for "move" on the top panel.

3. This will take you to a page where you can provide the new name and the whole page will be "moved" to this new name.