Dewjee Parpia

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Dewjee Parpia
Country of birth
  • India
Place of longest stay
  • Bombay

Born in

Full name Nensi Parpia
Full name Peera Dewjee
Full name Allaya Dewjee Parpia

"It is likely that Peera’s father, Dewjee Parpia, started as a pedlar or general trader selling ‘piece goods’ and small manufactured items. Indian dyed or patterned cottons cut up into short lengths suitable for making a single garment, had long been the most popular traded item to East Africa and were known as ‘piece goods.’ Other traditional Indian exports to East Africa included foodstuffs, particularly cooking oil, rice and ghee, and manufactured goods such as beads, metalware and earthenware pots. There was also a market for a variety of small luxury items such as hand mirrors, oil lamps and perfumes - indeed anything which could easily be transported from India and exchanged in Zanzibar and along the African coast and bring a profit to the trader."

The Sultan's Spymaster – by Judy Aldrick pg 32