Danidina Asani

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In the early days, the Ismailis of the Indian Subcontinent routinely sent collections of voluntary contributions to the Imam in Iran via the Rais.. In those days, there was a Rai by the name of Danedina. He was a native of Okhamandal and lived mostly in Bhuj, Kutchh. He used to collect these religious dues from different villages in Kutchh and deliver them to Imam Abul Hasan Ali in Iran. He did not have any kids, so he requested blessing from Imam Khalilah Ali. These blessings were granted, and the Imam said to name this son Assa- a Persian word meaning staff or walking stick. Danedina passed away in, and is buried in, Iran. He died while on a tour of duty as a Rai.

Rai Danidina Asani
Town of birth
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Date of Birth
  • 1750
Date of Death
  • 1790
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Born in 1750 Okhamandal