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Bharapar (also known as Bharapur) is a town about 15 kilometres from Bhuj. It was the origin of a number of Khojas who immigrated to Bombay and to East Africa during the 19th & 20th Centuries.

Bharapar-connected donors to the construction of Khoja Ismaili Jamatkhana, 24th October,1923

The following person are found in the Khojawiki records as connected to Bharapar(Bharapur). You can search for their personal history by clicking on the names

Fazal Premji Murji

Adat Dewji

Ladha Shivji Bhanji

Jenabai Ahmed Hasham Kheraj

Somji Khakhuani Mawji Bhimani

Abdalla Murji Hashmani

Abdullah Fazal Premji Murji

Rashid Adat Dewji

Habib Adat Dewji