Aziz Gulamhussein Tejpar

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Aziz Gulamhussein Tejpar
Town of birth
  • Dar es Salaam
Place of longest stay
  • Dar es Salaam
Where-City or Country
  • Dar es Salaam

Born in Dar es Salaam

Full name Gulamhussein Alidina Tejpar
Full name Bachi Bai Tejpar
Full name Nurbanu Gulamhussein Tejpar
Full name Shamshuddin Gulamhussein Tejpar


"The Ismailis of Dar es Salaam may be taken as an example. In addition to meeting in the Jamat Khana for presentations of religious music, poetry, and drama, the Ismailis began to gather in private homes to sing popular and classical songs of a non religious nature.

In Dar es Salaam these informal meetings, misnamed ginans (hymnal) parties, were often held in the home of the Tejpar family which was noted for its interest in music. Aziz Tejpar offered regular Saturday evening ginans at which he played the harmonium. Many of those attending composed music, and V. D. Suleman especially noted for his songs. Similar sessions for reciting quwali verses) were also held in private homes.

The Rise And Fall of Philanthropy in East Africa - The Asian Connection by Robert G. Gregory (pg. 163)

To listen to Aziz Tejpar's ginans, Click 'here'