Alidina Asani

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Alijah Alidina Asani
All Nicknames
  • Alisino Assar
Town of birth
Country of birth
Date of Birth
  • 1793
Date of Death
  • 1881
Place of Death
Place of longest stay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Business
Where-City or Country

Born in 1793 Bhuj

In Jerruk, the six sons of Assa fought with courage. Three of Assa's sons are said to have been killed in the battle. During the thick of fighting, the Imam summoned two surviving brothers, and ordered them to abandon the battlefield and return to the town. When the Imam arrived in Jerruk from Hyderabad he told them, "You go to Karachi or elsewhere. I pray for your prosperity with more courageous persons in your future generations. These two brothers were Alidina (1793-1881) and Baledina (1802-1896). In Sind, they were known as Allino Asar and Balino Asar respectively. Their family is known as the Asani family.

The Imam left Jerruk in September 1844 for Karachi. At this time, Alidina and Baledina were presented with the Imam's sword. Later, both Alidina and Baledina also arrived in Karachi.

Alidina purchased several fertile tracts of land around Malir, Karachi. The Imam established the 15th night Majalis. The Jamat would come and get grain from Alidina's warehouse, attend the Majalis, eat dinner, and then go home. He established a flourishing business, opening an office in Kharadar.

Alidina was appointed Mukhi of the Kharadar Jamat in 1855, as well as Imam Sha Hassanali Shah's official Estate Agent of properties in Karachi, Sind, and Lasbela. He served in these offices until 1873.

In 1864, Alidina bought a land plot for the first Ismaili graveyard, now known as Mianshah. He was the first person to be buried there. In 1882, Imam Aga Ali Shah visited Mukhi Alidina's grave and offered Fatiha there. He told the Jamat present to continue on with the prayer for the next 40 days.

In 1920, Mukhi Alidina's services were acknowledged by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah during a Mehmani submitted by his grandson, Allijah Alidina Alimohammad.

His daughter, Sona, was married to Varas Vali (Valliani). Upon his retirement in 1873, the Imam appointed Varas Vali as his next Estate Agent.