Ali Nanji

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Ali Nanji
Place of longest stay
  • Pangani
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Import/Export-ivory, livestock, skins, rhino horns, hippo teeth, copra, black corn, corn, rice, sesame, European barter products
Where-City or Country
  • Tanzania

Born in

by Jamalu Nanji, October, 2012, Abbotsford, BC

My paternal grandparents, Aly and Jenabai Nanji, originally from India, lived in Pangani, about 50 kilometres south of Tanga

They ran a retail shop of kapad

They went on to be chalu mukhi/mukhiani of Pangani for life

The German Colonial Handbook 1903 mentions "Mohamed Nanji" as an Indian trader, resident in Pangani in 1903.

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