Alarakhia Sumar

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Mukhi Alarakhia Sumar
Town of birth
Province of birth
Country of birth
Date of Death
  • 1880
Place of Death
Country of death
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Merchant-Cloth
  • Sugar
Where-City or Country

Born in Mulla Katiar

Alarakhia Sumar was originally of Mulla Katiar, Sind, but his family came to settle in Bombay. He was an eminent merchant of cloth and sugar.

He became Mukhi of the Bombay Jamatkhana soon after the death of Mukhi Alibhai Padamsi in 1848.

The Khojas possessed a graveyard near Dongri, Bombay since 1790, measuring 12,706 sq. yards. He and Kamadia Khaki Padamsi extended the site by purchasing an adjoining plot of 6978 sq. yards from Nilaji Lakshamji for Rs. 11500/- in September 1856.

Mukhi Alarakhia Sumar died in 1880.